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In March of 1985 God gave Bishop G.W. Martin a Vision of starting a new work. Bishop Martin shared the vision with his daughter.  Upon hearing the vision she knew it was God.  Bishop Martin at the young age of 87 years young discovered a building located at 13142 Puritan.  He showed his daughter the building and God showed her the blueprints.  From that day on together, they worked to make the vision a reality.  Even though the building was in distressed condition, they still held firm in knowing that if God be for us, who can be against us.  The work was completed in six months, and in September of 1985 the doors of the Church were opened thus naming it:  HOLY TEMPLE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD IN JESUS W.C., INC.

After worshiping at this location for a few years, the Lord made it possible for Holy Temple to purchase a larger building right across the Street.  Bishop Martin had a vision and the members began to work.  Again God blessed everything they touched.  The first location became the George & Lillie B. Martin Community Center, in honor of our founder and his wife. 

Bishop Martin pastored the Holy Temple church for eight (8) years.  He was 95 years old at the time of his transition.  After the passing of Bishop Martin, Elder Joseph Waters, his assistant pastor, became Co-Pastor along with associate minister, Elder Fred Fallins.  They served together in this capacity until Elder Waters began to evangelize. Elder Fred Fallins worked diligently to continue the vision that was given to the founder. Elder Fallins served faithfully as pastor of Holy Temple Church until 2003, upon his decision to retire and relocate to his home town of Chattanooga, TN where he now has a teaching ministry.

The Holy Temple Family began to pray, "Lord give us a Pastor."  This Pastor was right in our midst: Evangelist Pamela Dixon.  If God said it, that settles it.  Evangelist Dixon took her rightful place sitting in the seat that once belonged to her beloved Grandfather.  Since the installation of Evangelist Dixon as pastor, Holy Temple's Membership has tripled in number.  She has been lead to launch various outreach ministries that have drawn souls and motivated the ministry.

God showed Pastor Dixon a vision of Holy Temple being in a location that stretched for “corner to corner”.  In July, 2006 this vision was came into fruition.  Holy Temple was blessed to move into a beautiful and spacious new edifice located at 8590 Esper Blvd, our current location. Because the leaders of Holy Temple have been faithful and have obeyed the voice of God…The Vision Yet Continues.

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